An overview of historic photographic processes

Photographic Processes

Although there are many, many great books dedicated to historic photographic processes, I find that nothing explains the chemistry of photography better than a video.

The Daguerreotype – George Eastman House

The Collodion Process – George Eastman House

The Albumen Print – George Eastman House

Making An Albumen Print From a Wet Plate Collodion Negative – Quinn Jacobson

Making albumen – Albumen Process

Making a 12% Silver Solution – Albumen Process

Coating Albumen Paper – Albumen Process

Making & Printing A Wet Plate Collodion Negative – Quinn Jacobson

The Wet Plate Collodion Process – Quinn Jacobson

The Woodburytype – George Eastman House

The Platinum Print – George Eastman House

The Gelatin Silver Print – George Eastman House

The Calotype Process – Michael Gray of the British Library

Making Wet Plate Collodion Ambrotypes – Quinn Jacobson

Ambrotype process photography – Misha Burlatsky

The Wet Collodion Process – The Getty Museum

Early Photography: Making Daguerreotypes – The Getty Museum

Ambrotypes (in French) – Lionel Turban

Collodion wet plate ambrotype process

Ambrotype (in French) – Matthieu Parent

Collodion Wet Plate Photography – Daniel Samanns

Making a Tintype – George Eastman House

Salted paper print – St Pauls Photography

Cyanotypes -St Pauls Photography

Gum Bichromate – St Pauls Photography

Albumen print – St Pauls Photography